Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.
Albert Einstein
Man flying a UAV/Drone
First off, I'm super excited you are here. 
My name is Chris and I might have a slight camera addiction. From what started as a, "well I should probably get a decent camera for a family Disney World Trip lol" to what it is now is exciting as heck to me. I came to figure out that I have a huge passion for photography and making videos. With my full time job that I currently do I am blessed with the opportunity to see the world...
And let me tell you, It has been awesome to say the least. From the mountains of Colorado, the gulf coast beaches of South Texas to the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin I have been blessed with the ability to see a lot of cool places. And better yet all with my sidekick Zeke Dog.
So feel free to check out what I have been up to in my travels and shoot me a message if you'd like to get some pictures taken! 
Might as well put the gear to work.
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